As no one sponsors a heated storehouse for me, I have to cram everything in my flat. Unfortunately this leads to "storing" the not so interesting computers under the desks.

Now, whats lying there...

  • Siemens PC-X, 80186, 1MB RAM, disk (small), text screen, runs SINIX 1.0
    Unfortunately only said "click" on the last power on.
  • Commodore 900, Zilog Z8001, 1MB RAM, 20MB MFM disk, text screen, runs Coherent
  • Apple II Clone,1(?) MHz 6502, 48kB RAM, mono screen, no disks :-(
  • Commodore VC-20, 1(?) MHz 6502, 4(?)kB RAM, Datasette
  • Commodore C=64, 1(?) MHz 6510, 64kB RAM, 1541 Floppy
  • Schneider Euro-PC, 4.77Mhz 8088, 640kB RAM, 20MB MFM disk, 360kB floppy disk, mono screen
  • Epson QX-10, 4(?) MHz Z80, 128kB RAM, 4(!) floppy disk, mono screen
  • DEC LA-36 Teletype, 110 and 300 Baud
  • Phillips P3800, "Lan-in-a-box", 4 80186 processors (1 master, 3 slaves) one per terminal, 70(?) MB disk, 60MB QIC tape, floppy disk, integrated UPS, 4 P2772 terminals
    Unfortunately still untested.
And in the shelves ...
  • A Siemens Newton, identical to the Apple Newton Messagepad 100 except for the logo.
  • A Amstrad Notepad NC100, Z80, full-size kyboard, 8-line LCD display.

And thats all?

Clearly no. Thats one the computers. There also are printers, terminals, calculators, parts and lots of paper. And, of course, the yellow cable.